Stylist Bio

Born in France,educated in Paris,London and Italy,he obtained his degrees in 1983,back from New York and currently working at

Joyce(client testimony)

I was presented  to Denis Berthet by Florence,she is my best friend and she used to go to his salon in Paris.
she has always had the most daring and flattering trends. Now that he’s in NY, I’ve discovered that he also has great skills with colors, (I’m a brunette) My balayage has  lasted a very long time ,it still looks very natural after months .I saw Denis yesterday and he gave me shades of caramel in my dark-brown hair – a great look for this season. He’s also very good with haircuts and although I’m not as daring as my cutting-edge friend, I always feel comfortable  with the styles that he gives me, he talks with me instead of forcing me to wear the last trend.


-2004 Tony&Guy(Paris)
-1992 Tony&Guy(london)
-1990 Vidal Sassoon(London):
-1989 L’Oreal
-1988 Eugenperma
-1987 Franck de Roche Academy(Paris):
-1985 Intermed(paris):
-1984 Maurice et Gerard (Paris)
-1984 Federation National de la Coiffure



Gerard Bollei (New York)
Rubann Salon (New York) Stylist Colorist
Mario Diab (New York) Stylist Colorist


Franck de Roche (Paris) :
Stylist,colorist,teacher,Photos shoots,runway show


Alternative coiffure (paris)
Stylist,colorist development&management


Intermed Coiffure (Paris):
Stylist colorist,runway shows for                                                           Infinitycoiffure(Italie)


Maurice et Gerard (Paris)